Small Potatoes

Helping start-up and small-scale food businesses launch and grow since 2009

Small Potatoes is a boutique marketing, advocacy, and consulting firm. We specialize in working with small-scale and start-up food product companies to launch and grow their businesses.

We understand the challenges facing small-scale foodpreneurs and also understand the intricacies and opportunities in the burgeoning new food economy. We use our 10+ years experience to help our clients break into the marketplace in a way that is practical, manageable, and sustainable.

Small Potatoes is committed to improving communities by supporting their local food system. We focus on developing and cultivating relationships and collaborations that are valuable for all the stakeholders in the food system.

What We Do

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If you are a potential foodpreneur with just an idea for a product, an established producer looking for ways to grow, or anyone in between, we can support your business.

We offer long term and short term consulting packages, as well as dynamic workshops.

Areas of expertise

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  • Developing a food product
  • Producing a product
  • Selling your product direct to consumers at farmers markets, online, and in alternative marketplaces
  • Selling your product to retailers and distributors
  • Crowdfunding for start-up or expansion
  • Do-it-yourself public relations
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What Else?

Besides working with food product companies and their support networks, we offer services to all other stakeholders in the food system. If you're a chef looking to incorporate local ingredients into your menu, we can help you come up with a plan that fits your needs. We are available for speaking engagements large and small, public or private. We have spoken to community organizations, private businesses, and in classrooms at elementary schools and universities. We can also help you get the word out about your business by supporting your social media, crafting press releases, and other writing services.


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